Gilad Seliktar

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Gilad Seliktar is a graphic novelist, writer, illustrator and lecturer, his works are published in Israel and throughout the world. Gilad wrote and illustrated the graphic novels "Tsav 8" (2014), "The Demons of Mongols" (2008) and "Who Are You Anyway" (2005). The graphic novel "Farm 54" (2009) written by Galit Seliktar was part of official selection at the Angouleme Festival, has been translated into five languages, and was included in Publisher Weekly's ranking of the 10 best graphic novels of the year. In 2018 Gilad was Honorary Mention in the Israel Museum Prize for the Illustration of David Grosman book "berry baby". Currently lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and working on his next graphical novel and his first children's book which he writes and illustrates. Gilad lives in Padres Hanna with his wife Adi and son, Yonatan.

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