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Thomas Schrøder

© Thomas Schrøder

Thomas Schrøder was born in 1973. He wrote his first story to the weekly Donald Duck in 1997, and since then it has been a life in Duckburg with own stories, editing, translation and as the worlds’ only Andeby-konsulent (Duckburg consultant). Thomas' Disney stories are published in 32 countries. He has also written among other things 27 easy reader books, 2 where-is-books about Umuliusserne, erotic/pornographic comics, a comic about the occupation of Denmark in WW2, a comic about Sherlock Holmes, several forewords for comic books, a quiz book with 1001 questions about Duckburg. His latest book is the monster succes the monster cook book “Fætter Klams (u)lækre monsterkogebog” – a tribute to EC Horror Comics and filled with monsters from popular culture, the food in the book is actually very tasteful, so he went on Danish national TV and cooked before 700.000 wievers. Besides Thomas' own writing, he is also a a very used translater in Denmark, where he has translated Star Wars books and magazines, LEGO magazines, Hi & Louis strips, Garfield strips, Don Rosa books, a graffiti book, erotic/pornographic comics. Thomas has published Disney lithographs, music and a movie. Besides his own publishing company Afart Thomas is also part owner of the two publishing companies High Heels Society and Comic Factory.

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