Rude Girl

Cover Rude Girl
Cover Rude Girl
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Rude GirlbyBirgit Weyhe


Extract (German)

In "Rude Girl" Birgit Weyhe tells the story of the empowerment of Crystal, a black US-American woman from a simple background. The model for this character is Priscilla Layne, a German professor in North Carolina with Caribbean roots. Birgit Weyhe researches this biography with the same curiosity that has made her previous works powerful. Because she draws people with all their facets and does not cater to stereotypes. For "Rude Girl" this means that the protagonist in the literature course at university wants to discuss texts not only by Rilke, Storm or Lasker-Schüler, but also by the Afro-German May Ayim. That gender roles are too narrow for her in Caribbean society and that she joins the left-wing skinhead movement. And that she is not recognised by the Afro-American community in the USA. "Rude Girl" is especially powerful because Birgit Weyhe asks more questions than she answers. As in, are white people even allowed to tell the story of black people at all? In response, Birgit Weyhe creates a multi-perspective narrative in which she shows how she repeatedly presents passages of her comic to Priscilla Layne for discussion and thus also reveals the insecurities and the prejudices that the author consciously reflects.