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Kathrin Rödl

Oedenberger Straße 39, 90491 Nürnberg
Tel. +49/(0)174/3873885
Instagram: @kathrinroedl.illustration @arschige_comics

Minor Exhibitor

Kathrin has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2015 and is also part of the creative duo KATENA. Her passion are indie comics and zines. During the south German Comicweek "Zerbröckelt und Geklaubt" she made her debut "Natur & Mensch – sonst nix" about philosopher Feuerbach. In November 2017, during 24hcd, the idea for the series "Arschige Comics" came to life, in which different characters express their annoyance about various aspects of life in a satirical way. Kathrin volunteers at the Comic Café Nuremberg, Z-Bau (every 1st Sunday of the month).