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Jörg Reuter

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Born September 1959 in Friedrichshain. After calling off his studies of electronics in 1979, Jörg came to MOSAIK. Starting in 1980, he co-designed characters in order to learn the MOSAIK style. Following that, he began drawing characters and backgrounds. In 1982, he started studying advertising art. During his studies, he participated in national and international poster contests. After his graduation in 1987, he came back to MOSAIK as an artist. During the years that followed, he worked part-time as a guest lecturer of graphic arts and typography at the "FWG" and the BS "Rudi Arndt", as illustrator for "Atze" and as "Head Pioneer" and typographer for the magazine "Prisma". In 1988, at the beginning of MOSAIK’s Japan series, he not only drew, but also started designing page layouts for MOSAIK. Beginning with the Chinese series, he and the author Walter Hackel became responsible for the content, the layouts and for creating the final product, as well as being appointed art director. Since then, Jörg has been trying every means to improve the magazine’s quality, despite increasing international competition and the changing tastes of the audience, and in doing so to always meet MOSAIK’s standards.

Jörg ReuterJörg Reuter in der MosaPedia