© Nora Dåsnes, Klett Kinderbuch 2020

RegenbogentagebyNora Dåsnes

Translation: Katharina Erben

Klett Kinderbuch

Extract (German)

Tuva is twelve years old, lives with her dad and writes a diary. She is looking forward to the first day of school because she will see her best friends Linnéa and Bao again. So far, so good. But after the summer holidays something has changed. Enter puberty! Linnéa has a boyfriend! It becomes important to be in love. With one of the boys, of course. But they are all so stupid. Bao and Tuva feel betrayed, girlfriends are more important, aren't they? How do you know you're "mature" enough to fall in love? You become interested in other things: Boys, fashion, make-up, healthy eating, romantic movies. But what if it's a girl you think about all the time, whose sight makes your stomach tingle and who makes you jealous when she smiles and hugs others? This sensitive comic in the guise of a diary takes its audience seriously, without embarrassment and as a source of insight for parents who have forgotten what it was like during puberty when emotions were on a rollercoaster ride.