Photo of Powerpaola
Photo of Powerpaola
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Powerpaola is a comic artist with Ecuadorian-Colombian roots, now living in Buenos Aires, and who is known beyond Latin America. She has published numerous graphic novels - her debut Virus Tropical was published in Colombia (2011) and Argentina (2014), translated into several languages, adapted for cinema in 2017 and the film was shown at the 2018 Berlinale. It was followed by the graphic novels QP (2014), Todo va a estar bien (2015), Nos vamos (2016). Powerpaola has co-founded artist collectives such as the Medellín group Taller 7 and the internationally operating Chicks on Comics, and collaborated on magazines such as Mates, Strapazin, Chicks on Comics-publications, for example Synergy Boat, and as an artists' duo, called no tan parecidos, she created Tierra larga, along with Pablo Besse. Powerpaola is also presented in anthologies such as El Volcán (2019) and Drawing power: women's stories of sexual violence, harassment, and survival (2020). Most recently, she was involved in the calendar Chicas de Calendario 2022, and illustrating the volume Mostras del Rock by Barbi Recanati (Argentina) about the under-reported history of female rock legends (2021). This year, her latest comic book, Todas las bicicletas que tuve, is being published simultaneously in five countries.

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