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Drawing of Christian Paulus
Drawing of Christian Paulus
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Blurb for part 3, "im Schlund" 

The man in the red jacket is rock solidly convinced that he has gotten into "something". Against the Mediterranean backdrop of "Es Vedra", a mysterious island near Ibiza, his unyielding lover Billy and her sister Pepsi urge him to join them on a sailing trip. The destination is the volcanic ring of fire near Stromboli, Vesuvius and Etna. To the Aeolians where once the four winds were at home and Scylla and Charybdis lurk in a strait the journey is to go. As if the erotically charged atmosphere were not already disturbing enough, the millionaire August von Finck is also on board the single-masted ship. Against picturesque backdrops, over canned food, fish soup, and a helping of mythology, they head out to sea. The inevitable happens and the boat is rammed by a container ship in the middle of the open sea. Our pocket Odysseus, as he is contemptuously called by his adversary, falls off the boat and sinks in the waves. Will the man with the red jacket be turned into fish food by a gigantic ship's propeller or can he still be saved from the cold steel at the last second?

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