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ParallelbyMatthias Lehmann


Extract (German)

Not often does a graphic novel succeed in providing such an intense and profound view into the inner life of its protagonists as does Matthias Lehmann's "Parallel". Lehmann lets us travel back to early German post-war history - and in Karl Kling's memories also to the time before. Despite marriage, a house and the economic miracle, something is missing from Karl's happiness. A longing that he first felt at Willi's side, Willi who then fell in the last days of the war, throbs ever stronger in him, a longing for men.Thus begins a secret double life, until Karl's cover is blown: "A few years ago they would have lined people like you up against the wall. Too bad that's over." With precise, unobtrusive drawings in watery grey that precisely capture situations and aptly reflect the atmosphere of the time, Matthias Lehmann tells of a grey time in which gays were "warm brothers" and persecuted according to laws that originated with National Socialism. "Parallel" is also a multi-layered comic novel about divided Germany and the conflict between the war and post-war generations.