On-Gaku: Our Sound (JP 2019)

© Hiroyuki Ohashi / Rock’n Roll Mountain / Tip Top

Friday, June 17 2022
4:00 PM
Venue: Kulturzentrum E-Werk , Kino

Tickets: 9,–
with festival ticket: 7,–

Animated film, Director: Kenji Iwaisawa, 71 min, age 12+, original version with English subtitles

From the video game console to guitar, drums and co.: Although they are all musically completely inexperienced and have never played an instrument before, the three high school students Kenji, Asakura and Ota decide to form a band. Within no time they land their first gig and are to play at a rock festival.

It took seven years to complete the hand-drawn independent film - an adaptation of a manga by Hiroyuki Ohashi. With occasionally dry humour, a clear message is conveyed: Music is for everyone, even if you are not overly talented - it's the dedication that counts, the joy of making music and the shared experience.