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© Hannes Radke and Oliver Mielke

NiGuNeGubyOliver Mielke and Hannes Radke / Pyramond Verlag

At first sight, this web comic seems to require some explanation – beginning with the title itself, which is formed from the names of its three main characters: Nice Guy, Nerd and Guru, cut up and reassembled to yield Ni(ce)Gu(y)Ne(rd)Gu(ru). The three characters are united in a “bromantic comedy”, a genre that can perhaps be described as an approximate counterpart to shows like Sex and the City. The struggles of these three very different friends, whose lives are intertwined in much the same way as their names in the title, to cope with the trials and tribulations inherent to the battle of the sexes is portrayed in a highly entertaining manner by Oliver Mielke and Hannes Radke. Unlike the many readers who have had to make do with small weekly doses delivered online over the course of almost five years, newcomers will soon have the luxury of a print anthology for unrestricted reading pleasure.