© Jaroslav Rudiš and Nicolas Mahler / Luchterhand

NachtgestaltenbyJaroslav Rudiš and Nicolas Mahler


Extract (German)

Oh, the misery of closed pubs when you urgently need one, two, three more beers to continue an important conversation! Because there are nights that should be endless - and such an endless round of two increasingly drunken existentialists is conjured up by Nicolas Mahler and the author Jaroslav Rudiš in "Nachtgestalten". The two men stagger from bar to beer, from beer to bar, from deep to shallow; they talk, ramble, blather, slur and remain silent about unhappy childhood loves, the nonsense of life and embarrassing mishaps. The ideal life for a man: living like a bison in the Polish forest. Now and then the dead from the past intrude into the conversation and with them, feelings of guilt. It is laconic, minimally drawn and highly comic. "Nachtgestalten" is a comic like a beer glass that never gets empty: You can open it again and again and read yourself drunk.