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Photo of Miki Montlló
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Originally from Barcelona, Miki spent a few years working on storyboards for TV advertisements, designing characters and backgrounds for videogames (Hollywood Monsters 2, The Next Big Thing (Pendulo Studios), Broken Sword 5 (Revolution Software) and animation (Nocturna (Filmax Animation), and doing concepts for feature films (The Impossible, A Monster Calls, both by J. Bayona). He then moved to Ireland to work at Cartoon Saloon animation studios, were he worked in Oscar Nominated movies like The Breadwinner or WolfWalkers and also started to work on his comic book series Warship Jolly Roger, of which 4 books were published and critically acclaimed internationally. Later he moved to the rising Chinese comic market, where he adapted “Providing to Humanity” from bestselling writer Cixin Liu. He is now working for the US and European Market on a new Wonder Woman book and an adaptation of the videogame The Witcher. His comics are being translated to several languages and he keeps collaborating with animation studios such as Laika, CartoonSaloon or Genndy Tartakovsky.

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