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Ingo Milton

© Ingo Milton 2018

Graduate from the School of Arts and Crafts in Kolding, Denmark. Worked as illustrator in advertising. Background layouter on the animated feature film "Valhalla". Cofounder of the largest comic-book artists' cooperative in Copenhagen: "Gimle". Exhibits in Denmark and Poland. Comicbook/graphic-novel titels include: "The Shadow" – adapted from Hans Christian Andersen, "Joff the Dodger" – tales from medieval Denmark, "Alfa, Sepp and Stick" (cocreated w. Jan Kjær) – magic SciFi for children. The preference for medieval settings has led to several illustration assignments: "Absalon – a bishop at war" (Politikens Børnebøger, 2006), "Six Saints told in Strips" (Randers Kulturhistorisk Museum, 2007) and "Visualising of the Illerup Incident" (Moesgaard Museum, 2008). And other comics with historic themes in collaboration with different museums: "The Wayfaring Journeyman" about a carpenter apprentice in Denmark and Germany around 1850, "The Adolpho Incident" about the Danish Navy fighting pirates among the Caribbean islands in 1825.