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Max und Moritz Award 2018

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Erlangen, 13 April 2018

18th Erlangen International Comic Salon – 31 May to 3 June 2018
Max und Moritz Award 2018

25 titles nominated for the 2018 Max und Moritz Award  
Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Jean-Claude Mézières

The 18th Max and Moritz Award ceremony will take place at the 2018 Erlangen International Comic Salon. The award is the most important accolade for graphic literature and comic art in German-speaking countries. Twenty-five titles have been nominated, and eight of the nine winners will be announced on 1 June 2018 during the Max und Moritz Gala. Jean-Claude Mézières, the artist behind the science-fiction series Valérian and Laureline (known to German readers as Valerian und Veronique), will receive the Max und Moritz Lifetime Achievement Award. The jury chose to honour the influential French comic artist for his outstanding work, which has reached far beyond France and the boundaries of traditional comic book audiences.

The jury also drew up a list of 22 nominations, which were supplemented by three other titles that audiences voted for online. The winners, chosen from the 25 nominated titles, will be announced at the Max und Moritz Gala, which will be held on Friday, 1 June at 8:30 p.m. in Erlangen’s Markgrafentheater. Awards will be given in the following categories: Best German-language Comic, Best International Comic in German, Best German-language Comic Strip, and Best Comic for Children and Teenagers. No nominations were made for the categories Best German-Speaking Comic Artist (€5,000) and Best Student Comic Publication (€1,000). The winners of these two categories, along with the winners of the Audience Award and the Special Jury Award, will also be announced at the gala. The award ceremony, which will be presented by Hella von Sinnen and Christian Gasser, is considered the highlight of the Erlangen International Comic Salon.

The Max und Moritz Award is the most important accolade for graphic literature and comic art in the German-speaking world. Winners are chosen by an independent jury of experts appointed by Erlangen city council. The award has been instrumental in securing artistic and social recognition for comics for more than 30 years. It honours outstanding artists, strengthens the commendable work of publishers, directs attention to up-and-coming talent, and promotes high-quality appraisals of graphic literature. This year’s Max und Moritz jury members are Christian Gasser (author, lecturer in art and design at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts), Andreas C. Knigge (journalist and commentator, Hamburg), Katinka Kornacker (managing director of COMIX Comicbuchhandlung, Hannover), Isabel Kreitz (comic book artist, Hamburg), Lars von Törne (journalist, Berlin), Christine Vogt (director of Ludwiggalerie Schloss Oberhausen) and Bodo Birk (director of the Erlangen International Comic Salon).

The 25 titles nominated for the 2018 Max und Moritz Award
in alphabetical order:

  • Ambient Comics by Nadine Redlich. Rotopol
  • A Silent Voice by Yoshitoki Ōima (Translation: Christine Steinle). Egmont Manga (nominated by the audience)
  • Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston (Translation: Katrin Aust). Splitter Verlag
  • Brodecks Bericht by Manu Larcenet (Translation: Ulrich Pröfrock). Based on the novel by Philippe Claudel. Reprodukt
  • Chiisakobee – Die kleine Nachbarschaft by Minetarō Mochizuki (Translation: Cordelia Suzuki). Based on the novel by Shūgorō Yamamoto. Carlsen Manga
  • Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof by Sarah Burrini. / Panini Books
  • Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction by Inio Asano (Translation: Hana Rude). Tokyopop
  • Der große böse Fuchs by Benjamin Renner (Translation: Benjamin Mildner). avant-verlag
  • Der Ursprung der Welt by Liv Strömquist (Translation: Katharina Erben). avant-verlag
  • Die drei ??? – Das Dorf der Teufel by Ivar Leon Menger, John Beckmann and Christopher Tauber. Kosmos Verlag
  • Die Welt der Söhne by Gipi (Translation: Myriam Alfano). avant-verlag (Date of Publication: 7 May 2018)
  • Esthers Tagebücher by Riad Sattouf (Translation: Ulrich Pröfrock). Reprodukt
  • Geisel by Guy Delisle (Translation: Heike Drescher). Reprodukt
  • German Calendar No December by Birgit Weyhe and Sylvia Ofili. avant-verlag (Date of Publication: 22 May 2018)
  • Gung Ho by Thomas von Kummant and Benjamin von Eckartsberg. Cross Cult
  • Herbst in der Hose by Ralf König. Rowohlt Verlag
  • Maggy Garrisson by Lewis Trondheim and Stéphane Oiry (Translation: Resel Rebiersch). Verlag Schreiber&Leser
  • Mühsam – Anarchist in Anführungsstrichen by Jan Bachmann. Edition Moderne
  • Nick Cave – Mercy on me by Reinhard Kleist. Carlsen Verlag
  • NiGuNeGu by Oliver Mielke and Hannes Radke. / Pyramond Verlag (nominated by the audience)
  • Schläfst du? by Dorothée de Monfreid (Translation: Ulrich Pröfrock). Reprodukt
  • The Artist by Anna Haifisch. / Reprodukt
  • Tracht Man by Christopher Kloiber. Plem Plem Productions (nominated by the audience)
  • Tüti by Dominik Wendland. Jaja Verlag
  • Wie ich versuchte, ein guter Mensch zu sein by Ulli Lust. Suhrkamp Verlag

To read extracts of the nominated titles (in German), visit:

The 2018 Max und Moritz Audience Award
This year will be the fifth outing for the Max und Moritz Audience Award. It will go to one of the 25 titles nominated for a Max und Moritz Award. Audiences can vote online – via the Comic Salon Forum, for instance ( Each person can vote once. Voting opens on 16 April and closes at 7 p.m. on 31 May (first day of the 18th International Comic Salon). The winner of the Audience Award will be announced at the Max und Moritz Gala. For more information, visit

The Max und Moritz Gala
Presented by Hella von Sinnen and Christian Gasser
Friday, 1 June 2018 at 8:30 p.m.
Markgrafentheater, Theaterplatz 2, 91054 Erlangen
Pre-sale begins on 27 April 2018

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