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Karsten Mungo Madsen

Karsten Mungo Madsen, born 1962, is an autodidactic comic book artist, cartoonist, illustrator, animation director, animator, background artist, writer and scriptwriter. After a somewhat crazy youth, working as hifi salesman, concert organizer, radio dj, video-rental-shop owner, graphic designer and backpacker, he found his right place in 1992 with Søren Tomas Film, producing animated TV-series. In 1995, his first comic book Nanna's Dream was published, and since then, there have been a lot of animated TV shows, comics, and childrens books. His latest graphic novel was released in november 2017 and is called the "Scrapbook". His books have been published in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and China His TV-series has been aired in various places, such as: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, USA, South Korea, Argentina and Russia ao. He has been nominated for a danish academy award "a Robert" for his animated short "Awfully Embarrassing". and his latest graphic novel "The Scrapbook" was nominated as "the best danish horror release of 2017".

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