Lucky Luke sattelt um / Zarter Schmelz – zwei Lucky Luke Hommagen

© Mawil / Ralf König

Thursday, June 16 2022
8:30 PM
Venue: Kulturzentrum E-Werk , Kellerbühne

Tickets: 8,- / con. 5,- Euro
Advance booking from 4 June

Readings by Mawil and Ralf König; support: Barbara Seifert and Matthias Wieland

Lucky Luke goes Germany - thanks to two German comic artists who have each dedicated, in their very own style, a unique tribute to the cowboy who shoots faster than his shadow. Mawil and Ralf König talk about the challenges and particularities of doing justice to the iconic original while still telling their own story. They also read from their comics. " Lucky Luke sattelt um” by Mawil was nominated for the Max und Moritz Award in 2020, "Zarter Schmelz" by Ralf König is so this year.