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Jidi 寂地 (Yale Zu) is a Well-known Chinese Picture Book Writer. The name Jidi is her Chinese pen name, 寂地. In 2004 Jidi published her first picture book 我的路 "My Way" in China. This book earned her several awards and sold more than million copy. she was regarded as Color and Emotion Magician. Till now Jidi has published 32 books in China, 5 books in France, and 1 in Malaysia. She is also a novel writer, designer and editor.

Starting by April 2018, the 6-volumes graphic novel series 踮脚张望 "Standing on tip-toes", that is based on a novel written by Jidi and drawn by fellow-artist Ageng 阿梗, will be published by Chinabooks in a bilingual German-Chinese edition. This semi-autobiographical novel and comic series tells a coming-of-age story about a group of teenagers in the city of Chengdu in West China. (Der freie Vogel fliegt, Band 1) (Der freie Vogel fliegt, Band 2)