Im Spiegelsaal

Cover im Im Spiegelsaal
Cover im Im Spiegelsaal
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Im SpiegelsaalbyLiv Strömquist

Translation: Katharina Erben


Extract (German)

Why do so many people spend so much time looking at Kylie Jenner? Why is Kylie Jenner considered so desirable and worthy of imitation, and what is the connection between her looks and her wealth? Beauty - that is the topic that the Swedish comic essayist Liv Strömquist approaches from different perspectives in "In the Hall of Mirrors": Beauty and the human impulse to imitate, narcissism, the economy of desire, ageing and how ideals of beauty and their meanings have developed over the centuries, up to the present-day terror of images in social media. Smart, profound, engaging, feminist and very funny: Liv Strömquist's comic essays are scientifically informed and illustrated stand-up comedy with a punk twist, or sharply humorous cultural studies essays that both enlighten, inform and splendidly entertain, revealing startling insights and connections.