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The German Author and Penciller HOK presents something in his new project „Touch“, that (as far as we know) was never before done so resolutely: a complete Full-HD comic series. From the first scribble, it will be optimized for digital devices, so it'll bring you a perfect reading experience on Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, PCs and TVs. However, there will, of course, be a paper version. „On the first glance this is a little bit like cramming square pegs into round holes“, says HOK, „but I think we've done it pretty well.“ The comic series „Touch“ is a true action/crime story, spiced up with a little mystery. The main character, police officer Jona Maza, has a special gift: She can see the emotions of other people in the things that people touched. Anyway, series creator HOK doesn't want it to be taken as a Superhero comic: „It was important to me to create something, that is fun reading. Genre limits have never been important. I like Superhero comics, and one can sense that for sure when reading 'Touch'. But on the center stage are thrilling crime cases full of action and amiable characters that try to cope with life.“