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Photo of Simone Grünewald
Photo of Simone Grünewald
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Simone Grünewald is an lllustrator from Hamburg. She graduated from the Hamburg Technical School of Art in 2006, and then went on to learn animation and cartooning from scratch at the Hamburg Animation School. From 2008 to 2018, she worked as a graphic artist and head of art at the Hamburg-based games company Daedalic Entertainment and was able to put her own creative stamp on the company's own game releases, such as the "Deponia" series, "The Whispered World", "The Pillars of the Earth", and many more. Since the birth of her son, Simone Grünewald has been working freelance from home and also manages her social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and Patreon under schmoedraws - where she shares drawing tips and tricks with her numerous followers!

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