© Christine and Markus Färber / Rotopol

FürchtetalbyChristine and Markus Färber


Extract (German)

There can hardly be a more difficult experience than the suicide of a parent - especially when this suicide comes as surprisingly as in the case of Christine and Markus Färber's father. Christine Färber is a journalist and author, Markus is a comic artist; together the siblings try to understand and come to terms with their father's death in "Fürchtetal". She writes to her brother; he answers her with drawings. The siblings manage their four-handed mourning work without lamentation, without sentimental self-pity. They remember, they conjure up emotions, and they seek out important places like the forest of their childhood in the "Fürchtetal". In this way they circle their father and their relationship to him; they encode their memories and reflections metaphorically and only hint at essentials. "Fürchtetal" is personal, but not private - for all its intimacy, the comic tells a universal process. The drawings by Markus Färber express beguiling poetry and depth.