Erforscher des Comic-Kontinents – Der Will Eisner-Experte Alexander Braun

© 2022 Will Eisner Studio Inc. // Will Eisner in seinem Studio, NYC 1942

Saturday, June 18 2022
5:00 PM
Venue: Kollegienhaus, KH 1.011

Herbert Heinzelmann in conversation with Alexander Braun

The highest award in the American comic scene is the Eisner Award. It was named after the artist Will Eisner (1917-2005), who is known as the "father of the graphic novel" because he opened up the serial production of comic strips to the possibilities of literary storytelling. Alexander Braun was the only German to receive two Eisner Awards. Braun is the curator of numerous comic exhibitions and the editor of voluminous volumes on the history of the medium. For the Comic Salon, he is presenting a retrospective of Eisner's work at the Kunstmuseum.