Erdgeister, Okkultismus, Yakuza-Action: Die Welten von Eldo Yoshimizu

© Yukitaka Amemiya

Friday, June 17 2022
6:00 PM
Venue: Orangerie im Schlossgarten

Lars von Törne in conversation with Eldo Yoshimizu; translation by Andrea Takamatsu

Would the earth be better off without humans? This is the question the Japanese artist Eldo Yoshimizu addresses in his current book "Hen Kai Pan", which features five earth spirits judging humans. The work of Yoshimizu, who was also internationally successful as a sculptor, is of remarkable diversity. It includes, among others, the stylish action manga "Ryuko" about a yakuza boss in the Middle East and the occult thriller "Gamma Draconis" created with Benoist Simmat.