Einsam und Allein | Kurz-Form

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Einsam und Allein | Kurz-Form35th and 36th International Comic Artists' Workshop 2021 and 2022

16 to 19 JuneLadengalerie Goethestr. 24

Opening Hours: 

Thu 12 p.m.–7 p.m., Fri/Sat 10 a.m.–7 p.m., Sun 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

The International Comic Artists’ Workshop, founded in 1986 by Paul Derouet, is the longest-running workshop for comics and graphic literature in the German-speaking world. A week of intense work, for which around 25 experienced illustrators are selected, is administered by internationally renowned comic artists. A large number of comic projects have started here. In the course of international and intercultural cooperation, the workshop also regularly welcomes guests from all over the world - in 2022 from France and the Democratic Republic of Congo. At each edition of the Comic Salon, the results of the last two workshops are traditionally presented to the public. For several years now, the seminar has been led by Ralf Marczinczik.

35th International Comic Workshop 2021
Topic: Einsam und Allein
Run by: Ralf König, Isabel Kreitz and Thomas von Kummant
Participants: Susanne Damm, Seda Demiriz, Eva Feuchter, Nathalie Frank, Detlef Henke-Röchert, Antje Hubold, Susanne Köhler, Annette Köhn, Anna Carina Lange, Lucie Langston, Christian Manzke, Josephine Mark, Lisa Neun, Mai Nguyen, Nils Oskamp, Nicolas Rivero, Franziska Ruflair, Sonja Schlappinger, Dunja Schnabel, Sophia Stephani, Jan Thüring, Patrick Trouillas, Georg Graf von Westphalen and Twyla Dawn Weixl

36th International Comic Workshop 2022
Topic: Kurz-Form
Run by: Naomi Fearn, Tony Sandoval and Thomas von Kummant
Participants: Anke Bär, Line Billeit, Marie-Pascale Gafinen, Dagmar Gosejacob, Jonas Grund, Detlef Henke-Röchert, Antje Hubold, Santa Kakese, Judith Kaluaji, Julia Kleinbeck, Johannes Kretzschmar, Anna Carina Lange, Lucie Langston, Josephine Mark, Katharina Netolitzky, Lisa Neun, Mai Nguyen, Jutta Pilgram, Franziska Ruflair, Martina Schradi, Tine Steen, Sophia Stephani, Jan Thüring, Patrick Trouillas and Georg von Westphalen