Dunnerkeil! Asterix als Gladiator – auf Oberfränkisch

© Egmont

Sunday, June 19 2022
11:00 AM
Venue: Theatre Fifty-Fifty

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with festival ticket: 8,- / con. 6,- Euro
otherwise: 10,- / con. 8,- Euro

Reading by Stefan "Das Eich" Eichner

The year is 2022. Asterix has already been translated into dialect for all of Franconia - for all of Franconia? No! Upper Franconia has been criminally neglected so far. But that's over now! With "Dunnerkeil", the first Asterix adventure in "Upper Franconian" has finally been published. Stefan "Das Eich" Eichner, a comedian and music cabaret artist, has translated the volume "Asterix als Gladiator". He reads and tells all kinds of anecdotes about the creation of the comic book.