Dreimal Spucken

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Dreimal SpuckenbyDavide Reviati

Translation: Myriam Alfano


Extract (German)

It's the 60s in the countryside. Endless boredom dominates the lives of the village youth and repeatedly drives them to stupidity and drug use. "Three times spitting" is the story by Guido, who sometimes suffers from the brutality of his elders, and sometimes cause his own suffering with naïve aggression. And the story of the Stančičs, who live in a car away from the village, "not made to live in houses like us". Again and again, the family is held responsible for all sorts of misfortunes. Their daughter Loretta, who is said to have lost her mind, wants to fit in with her peers, and the bored boys are both attracted and repelled by her. In brilliant black-and-white drawings, Davide Reviati tells of the xenophobia towards a Sinti family and, at the same time, of the atrocities that the Sinti and Roma ethnic group suffered and continues to suffer under fascist racial hygiene as well as the recurring resentment of their fellow human beings. At times rich in detail, at times dynamically sketched, the images draw us into their maelstrom. We experience the narrator's feelings and striving for recognition with all his fears and prejudices.