Cover von Dragman
Cover von Dragman
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DragmanbySteven Appleby

Translation: Ruth Keen

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Extract (German)

August Crimp alias Dragman is a very unusual kind of superhero. On the surface he is a bland husband and father, but he has a secret identity. He loves women's clothes, and women's clothes give him wings and superpowers. Dressed in women's clothing, August Crimp becomes Dragman. However, for the sake of his wife, he has sworn off this secret existence. But when a serial killer murders transwomen and steals their souls, Crimp must become Dragman again. This double conflict is the trigger for a brilliant story in which Steven Appleby blithely mixes genres and links plots: There is the superheroine parody within the serial killer thriller, there is science fiction about a scientist who commercialises the human soul, and there is romantic relationship drama. All this is underlaid with satire, philosophical musings and social criticism and realised with great verve in lovingly caricatured drawings. "Dragman" is a grand superhero comic beyond all clichés and stereotypes.