Die Odyssee (FR 2021)

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Friday, June 17 2022
10:15 PM
Venue: Lamm-Lichtspiele

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Animated film, Director: Florence Miailhe, 84 min, age 12+

The siblings Kyona and Adriel are forced to flee. Separated from their family, they set out on their journey. In their search for freedom and safety, they meet new friends, but also people who are less kind to them. The experience forces them to grow up faster than usual.

Florence Miailhe, whose grandparents once fled Odessa, painted the fairy-tale-like images for "The Odyssey" with oil paints on glass - the world's first feature-length film of this kind. Impressive drawings depict the memories of the adult Kyona, which she recorded in her sketchbook. Without referring to specific places or a specific war, "The Odyssey" tells the universal story of an escape.