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Der kleine Nick auf Schatzsuche (FR 2021)

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Sunday, June 19 2022
4:00 PM
Venue: Lamm-Lichtspiele

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Comedy/Family film, Director: Julien Rappeneau, 103 min, General Audiences

Little Nick (also known as "Le Petit Nicolas") can't imagine life without his friends. Not only is school more fun together when they’re together, but they also a lot of their free time with each other and go on adventures. That's why Nick is all the more shocked when he learns that his father has been promoted and the family has to move to the south of France. There's no way Nick and his friends can let that happen, and they decide to take action against it. Equipped with a slingshot, map, binoculars and co., they set out to find a treasure that will prevent the move and thus Nick's imminent departure.