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Das historische Geschlecht. François Bourgeons Reisende im Wind

Friday, June 17 2022
11:30 AM
Venue: Kollegienhaus, KH 1.011

Website Gesellschaft für Comicforschung

Lecture by Jörn Ahrens (Gießen)

Forty years ago, Bourgeon set standards and revolutionised both form and content, especially in the drawing of the female characters that shaped the series. How can this early comic novel be classified today? Does it represent a political feminism that intervenes emancipatively in gender relations and their visual representation? Or is this undermined, among other things, by the latent masculine voyeurism of the pictorial eroticism? What then is the relationship between gender and feminist perspectives?

Moderated by Clemens Heydenreich

Presented by Gesellschaft für Comicforschung (ComFor e. V.)