Das Gutachten

Cover des Buches Das Gutachten
Cover des Buches Das Gutachten
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Das GutachtenbyJennifer Daniel


Extract (German)

The Bonn Republic 1977 in pictures: cigarettes, alcohol, VW Beetles, Mercedes S-Class, horn-rimmed glasses and large-patterned wallpaper. Between Beethoven and concrete, yesterday and today. The "German Autumn", a crack in the mirror, the satiated surliness of the perpetrators - against the self-righteousness of the sixty-eight generation. Mr Martin, a 46-year-old family man and photo assistant at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, is haunted by ghosts of the past, which he tries to conquer with alcohol. He meets the challenges of the present with rigour and discipline. A traffic accident with fatal consequences does not give him any peace; he wants to do "the right thing." He starts to investigate on his own and gets involved with old networks. Jennifer Daniel already found her own style in 2014 with the album "Earth unplugged". With her first extensive graphic novel, she demonstrates great narrative skill. No diary or correspondence from the attic was needed for this "crime scene" worthy whodunit. A few discarded snapshots were enough ...