Das große Abenteuer des kleinen Vampir (FR 2020)

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Sunday, June 19 2022
2:00 PM
Venue: Lamm-Lichtspiele

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Animated film, Director: Joann Sfar, 85 min, age 6+

If you're 10 years old for 300 years and you're not allowed to leave your property, you can certainly get bored. This is the case with the little vampire, who often does things with other monsters, but would much rather go to school and meet friends his own age. So he sets off for the nearest town together with Phantomato, a bulldog ghost. But danger awaits him there. Prince Gibbus, from whom the little vampire and his mother escaped long ago, is out for revenge.

The film adaptation of the "Petit Vampire" comics by French cartoonist Joann Sfar celebrated its world premiere at the Festival d'Animation Annecy in 2020 and is every bit as charming, funny and endearing as the original.