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Infection Prevention Measures

Mask recommended

On 1 May, all infection control requirements for cultural events in Bavaria expired. All G-regulations and mask requirements have therefore been dropped. In recent days, however, infections in Germany have been on the rise again. We therefore strongly recommend wearing masks indoors when distances cannot be kept, i.e. especially in the exhibition halls or at events. By doing so, you protect yourself and others from infection. To emphasise the recommendation, the City of Erlangen will provide FFP2 masks free of charge at the fair tent entrances. In addition, the general hygiene rules continue to apply.

Obligatory masks

We were informed at short notice that the university requires masks in its buildings if distances cannot be maintained. At the International Comic Salon, this applies to the events in the Orangerie, the Schloss and the Kollegienhaus. Masks are available free of charge at the entrances to the tent halls. We kindly ask for your understanding!

Voluntary testing

Although there is no obligation to do so, testing is still highly recommended before attending public events. Testing shortly before attending an event gives you a comparatively high degree of certainty that you will not unknowingly infect someone who may belong to a risk group. Use the self-tests that are now readily available in shops everywhere or visit a testing station! Here you will find an overview of testing stations in Erlangen: Corona testing stations at the City of Erlangen

Better to stay at home

As a precaution, please refrain from visiting the International Comic Salon if you have cold symptoms such as cough, common cold or fever. A pity as it may be. The others will thank you for it!