Comics und Künstliche Intelligenz

© Nix

Friday, June 17 2022
4:00 PM
Venue: Kollegienhaus, KH 1.012

Masterclass with Nix, in English

Comics are a purely human invention, no other species on earth is able to combine stories with drawings. The combination of humour and graphic art has been the preserve of homo sapiens - but by the end of this decade, machines will also be able to create their own comics! Algorithms like GPT3 and Dall-E2 are already unlocking their secrets. But how do they work? Is it magic, the alchemy of the 21st century? The Masterclass provides an insight into the basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With a focus on creating comics, it will show how neural networks work, what the curse of dimensionality is and how to take your first steps in "latent space". Plenty to make an impression the next time someone drops the two-letter AI! Nix a.k.a. Marnix Verduyn is a comic artist and researcher in creative artificial intelligence.