Comic* – Vielfalt abbilden

Thursday, June 16 2022
6:00 PM
Venue: Orangerie im Schlossgarten

Talk with Joris Bas Backer, Illi Anna Heger and Elke Renate Steiner; moderated by Markus Pfalzgraf

How accessible is the world of comics for people who do not fit the usual mould? On the one hand, portraying diversity means showing different genders and orientations, life plans and models, abilities and backgrounds. How can this best be done, with characters and their stories, with representation and language? Secondly, diversity is a question of accessibility. Can all people read comics who want to? Are more or different tools needed? 

Joris Bas Backer has made a trans story visible. Illi Anna Heger takes care of new pronouns and historical legacies. Elke Renate Steiner has contributed to stories of Jewish life, among others, and has written and drawn about a queer love story between Russia and Germany.