Comic-Übersetzung: Sandokan in Deutschland

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Saturday, June 18 2022
3:00 PM
Venue: Schloss, Aula

Lilian Pithan in conversation with Paolo Bacilieri and his translator Myriam Alfano

He is often called the "Italian Karl May": Emilio Salgari wrote adventure novels without having travelled the world and inspired the imagination of thousands of readers. Sandokan, the tiger of Masilia, is his best-known artistic figure. Paolo Bacilieri created a memorial to him in the comic strip "Sweet Salgari". In conversation with his translator Myriam Alfano, he discusses the process of creating the multi-layered book and its translation into German.

In cooperation with the Verband literarischer Übersetzer*innen VdÜ and the Deutscher Übersetzerfonds.