Comic-Übersetzung: In the Mood for Manga

© Shigeru Mizuki, Reprodukt

Thursday, June 16 2022
5:00 PM
Venue: Kollegienhaus, KH 1.011

Lilian Pithan in conversation with Nora Bierich and Verena Maser

Manga accounted for the majority of new publications on the German-language comic book market in 2021. Most of the books are translations from Japanese. A look behind the scenes shows how complex the translation into German is. Nora Bierich and Verena Maser discuss their work on the works of such well-known mangaka as Shigeru Mizuki, Yoshiharu Tsuge, Mizuho Kusanagi and Haruko Ichikawa.

In cooperation with Verband literarischer Übersetzer*innen VdÜ and Deutscher Übersetzerfonds.