Chartwell Manor

© Glenn Head / Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg 2021

Chartwell ManorbyGlenn Head

Translation: Ronald Gutberlet


In "Chartwell Manor", the American Glenn Head describes his years at boarding school in unsparing realism and in the harshness of the underground. There he - like all the other boys - is sexually abused by the headmaster, whom they have to call sir. Music and comics form places of escape. Head's role model Robert Crumb and his teacher Art Spiegelman are unmistakably recognizable in his style. Head describes the effects of two years of torture at school, where corporal punishment was also part of the daily educational methods, with at time shocking frankness. Alcohol and drugs, but above all his sex addiction, he portrays in dynamic, often panel-splitting, black and white images. A double-page spreads prints of the original newspaper clippings accusing Principal Lynch, and there are references to Rolling Stones records.