Émile Bravo

Photo of Émile Bravo
Photo of Émile Bravo
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Émile Bravo was born in Paris in 1964 and made his debut as a comic artist in 1988. As early as 1990, he began collaborating with author Jean Regnaud, with whom he created the series "Aleksis Strogonov" and " Meine Mutter ist in Amerika...", among others. In 2009, his highly acclaimed "Spirou Special" volume " Porträt eines Helden als junger Tor" was published. He continued this story brilliantly with the four-volume series "Spirou oder: die Hoffnung", the final volume of which will be published for the 2022 Comic Salon. For his German-language stories, he received, among others, the Deutsche Jugendliteraturpreis 2010 for "Meine Mutter ist in Amerika.... " and the Max und Moritz Award in 2012 for " Das tapfere Prinzlein und die sieben Zwergbären ". For Bravo, the fusion of comics and children's books is central to his work.

Émile Bravo with Carlsen