© Daniela Heller

PfostenlochbyDaniela Heller

Kunsthochschule Kassel / avant-verlag

In rain and heat, armed with small shovels, rakes and brushes, they sit or kneel in their holes, the young archaeologists. The dreams are big, but the actual yield is comparatively modest. The excavation site that forms the stage of "Pfostenloch", Daniela Heller's final project at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, is described realistically and credibly. The tents are cramped, the meals rudimentary, the showers far away. Daniela Heller succeeds convincingly in staging the isolated everyday life of this small troop of up-and-coming archaeologists shortly before or after graduation. "Pfostenloch" captivates through the casualness with which she breaks down the generation of interns and their uncertain future to an excavation site. The dialogues are of captivating naturalness, and just as unaffectedly and with subtle humor Heller portrays the small tensions and intrigues, power games and jealousies, dreams and disillusionments, and realizes her play with a fitting, light and caricaturing stroke.