Arne Bellstorf

Photo of Arne Bellstorf
Photo of Arne Bellstorf
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With "Acht, neun, zehn" (Eight, Nine, Ten), Arne Bellstorf published his first comic album with Reprodukt in 2005, which had previously been written as a diploma thesis at the Design Department of the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. There he studied illustration and communication design and was part of the group around the anthology "Orang", which was edited by Sascha Hommer until 2013. At the 2005 Frankfurt Book Fair, Arne Bellstorf was awarded the Sondermann Prize, named after Bernd Pfarr's character, as "Best Newcomer". In 2010, the graphic novel "Baby's in black" was published, which was created in close collaboration with Astrid Kirchherr and has been translated into more than 13 languages.

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