Bei mir zuhause

Cover Bei mir zuhause
Cover Bei mir zuhause
© Paulina Stulin

Bei mir zuhausebyPaulina Stulin

Jaja Verlag

Extract (German)

Inside a monumental 613 pages, the Darmstadt illustrator Paulina Stulin gives us an insight into her everyday life. In the form of a diary, she takes us into her attic flat, to parties, on trips and into her circle of friends. The story begins wordlessly with one eye looking at us, lets us share in the "last cigarette together" and the break-up with her boyfriend. Being newly alone is just as much a theme as fetish happiness, drug intoxication, one-night stands - even prevented ones - and self-doubt. The life of a young woman in a big German city is on display, and an entire generation's attitude is exemplified. With painterly strokes and varied panels, some of them entire double pages, she describes her everyday life. The strong facial expressions, especially those of the protagonist, vividly bring out all the emotional states. A kaleidoscope of life in the 21st century.