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Sussi Bech

Sussi Bech (born 1958) is a Danish writer/artist of comics and childrens’ books. In 1983 she graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen (Danmarks Designskole). In 1986 her public breakthrough came with the first volume of her series "Nofret". It mixes historically accurate events with a fictional storyline. By early 2018 twelve volumes have been published and more than 75.000 copies sold in Denmark. The series has been published in Sweden, Indonesia, the Netherlands and France. From 1991 to 1993 she made another comic book series, "Aida Nur", a crime story about a belly dancer that locates an old Egyptian tomb in the early 1920s. She tries for an easy escape from poverty by selling its antique treasures on the black market, but the news of the intact vault attracts all kinds of greedy types. Since 2009 Sussi Bech has made the weekly comic strip "Eks Libris". It appears every Friday in the literary supplement of Weekendavisen, one of Denmark’s most respected newspapers. It satirizes everything in the swank world of literature: the authors, the publishing houses, the bookstores and the librarians. Since 2010 the text has been written by her husband, Frank Madsen. Sussi has also illustrated more than 150 books for children and young adults. She has received numerous awards over the years, the last of which was the Adamsonstatyetten in 2015 from Svenska Serieakademin.