Philippe Aymond

Photo of Philippe Aymond
Photo of Philippe Aymond
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Philippe Aymond was born in Paris on 3 February 1968, devoted himself early on to comics and obtained a master's degree in fine arts. In 1989 Jean-Claude Mézières hired him at the Canal Choc Studio, which he founded with Pierre Christin. For ten years, Christin was the young beginner's preferred scenarist. He first worked for Les Humanoïdes Associées on a series of episodes about a team of television journalists experiencing extraordinary events. At the turn of the millennium, he chose a new scenarist - Bollée - with whom he published a disaster epic in Dargaud: "ApocalypseMania", the first three episodes of which follow each other in rapid succession: "Couleurs spectrales" (2001), "Experiment IV" (2001), "Global Underground" (2002). Aymond's elegant and discreet design thrills Jean Van Hamme, and so he entrusts Aymond with the graphic destiny of his new character, which he devises for Dupuis in 2003: the mysterious Lady S. She has everything it takes to become the new bestseller of this author spoiled by success. Currently, Aymond is working again with the scenarist Bollée. Together with him he enriches the classic agent series Bruno Brazil with new adventures that appear alternating with new episodes of Lady S.


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