Auf Augenhöhe? Kooperationen zwischen Afrika und Europa

Saturday, June 18 2022
1:00 PM
Venue: Schloss, Aula

Myriam Louviot in conversation with Christophe Cassiau-Haurie, Joëlle Épée Mandengue and Jean Kamba; in French; translated by dFi

In view of the current global upheavals on the levels of communication, prosperity or scientific paradigms, international cooperations are confronted with many challenges. This also applies to the field of art and comic culture, for example through international publication projects, exhibitions and festivals. Myriam Louviot talks to comics experts Joëlle Épée Mandengue (director of the Bilili Comics Festival in Brazzaville), Jean Kamba (art critic from Kinshasa) and Christophe Cassiau-Haurie (author and publisher from Strasbourg) about the specificities of cooperation between Europe and Africa.