Virus Tropical (CO/EC 2017)

© Timbo Estudio / Santiago Caicedo, Powerpaola

Thursday, June 16 2022
8:30 PM
Venue: Lamm-Lichtspiele

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Animated film, Director: Santiago Caicedo, 97 min, General Audiences, original version with English subtitles.

Actually, her parents were expecting a tropical virus that caused Paola's mother to feel unwell. Instead, they are now having their third daughter. But the father leaves the family and Paola grows up in a world dominated by women. In search for her own personality, Paola experiences the normal chaos of growing from a girl into a young woman. In her autobiographical graphic novel, the comic artist Powerpaola recounts this formative time in her life - the story of everyday dramas, both big and small, is transferred to the big screen in fast-paced black and white images.

The screening will be followed by a talk with Powerpaola.