Josie, der Tiger und die Fische (JP 2020)

© 2020 Seiko Tanabe/KADOKAWA/Josee Project

Thursday, June 16 2022
3:30 PM
Venue: Kulturzentrum E-Werk , Kino

Tickets: 9,–
with festival ticket: 7,–

Anime, Director: Kôtarô Tamura, 98 min, age 12+

24-year-old Josie has always been confined to a wheelchair. Overprotected by her grandmother, she often escapes into a fantasy world where she dives through a colorful underwater world as a mermaid. After colliding with a pedestrian, her grandmother without further ado hires the young man to take care of Josie. Tsuneo is a student of marine biology, but Josie, who doesn't want pity, is determined to get rid of her new caretaker as quickly as possible. But then Tsuneo shows her the real world, which brings Josie out of her dreams and is more beautiful than she could have ever imagined - together they go to the sea.